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Who Is Arzu

I'm a Starseed born into this life with my own difficulties to overcome, tasks to deal with and as a volunteer to witness and support the Planet during this big transitioning period. 

I had a long journey in healing and transforming myself from pain, trauma, and general difficulties of being a human.


As a natural healer, I have always supported people, mostly women in their life journey at first non-professionally, and then professionally as a Life and Health Coach. As a coach, my passion has been helping women create their dream life and I have a happy track record of clients.


But coaching alone didn't bring in the "solutions" most people needed so deeply and healing was necessary to help them achieve their goals more easily rather than rowing against the tide.


Being a person to who wants to avoid wasting time and money to achieve well-deserved transformational results, I have always been after shortcuts and hacks and sharing them with my clients and loved ones.

Here I am offering my newly acquired Powerful Services to you to help you achieve your results in the fastest way possible.


I live in İstanbul Turkey with my family, am a Beekeeper, Artist, Traveler and a Nature Lover.  

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